Styrofoam is NO LONGER BLUE!

We have decided to keep the name ‘’ though as, for most people, it is synonymous with this dense foam used for arts and crafts.

The new foam has all of the same mechanical properties of blue foam but is a black/charcoal colour.  As far as crafting is concerned the colour is the only difference….. IT IS STILL AS AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!

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We are U.K based and stock blue and black Styrofoam blocks and sheets in a range of sizes, so if you need some for your latest project you should find it here and we offer a range of postage options.  It is possible to fill your basket and view the postage cost at the checkout without entering any details so if you are curious, go ahead.  If you can’t find the craft foam you are looking for please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Happy Foaming!!